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Garner Solid-State & Flash Destroyers

Garner’s solid-state & flash destroyers quickly perforate or shred solid-state hybrid drives and solid-state drives including laptop, flash, compact flash, and USB thumb drives. The PD-5 Destroyer comes with high-torque sensing technology that maximizes crushing power where it’s most needed and destroys drives in under 18 seconds. The high-volume Flashpro Solid State Destroyer is fully automated with SmartCut and has a destruction capacity of up to 100 smartphones, 500 solid-state drives, 500 USB thumb drives, or 500 CDs per hour.

Garner also offers complete destroyer-degausser packages that include the FlashPro Solid State Destroyer and a degausser (either the HD-3WXL Hard Drive & Tape Degausser or the TS-1 Hard Drive & Tape Degausser).