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    Tape Degausser CDS-2500A

    Tape Degausser CDS-2500A

    The versatile, conveyor-belt operated CDS-2500A quickly erases all magnetic tape formats up to six inches wide and up to 2400 oersted. The CDS-2500A’s dual degaussing coils let you choose from two field strengths.


Garner Tape Only Degausser

Garner’s Tape Degausser CDS-2500A comes with two field strengths and works on all magnetic tape media up to 6 inches wide. The low-strength setting works on 3480/3490 tapes, VHS, diskettes and audio cassettes without overheating. The high-strength setting can be used to erase metal-particle tape formats up to 2400 oersted.

Tape degaussers are used to erase data stored on magnetic tape media by neutralizing the magnetic field on the tape. In contrast to other, less reliable methods for erasing data, degaussing permanently deletes data stored on a device.