E250GX Coyote Point-Load Balancer/ADC

E250GX Coyote Point with Load Balancer/ADC

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E250GX Coyote Point comes with CP E250GX Load Balancer/ADC.

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E250GX Coyote Point-Load Balancer/ADC

E250GX Coyote Point-Load Balancer/ADC: From simple server load balancing to enterprise-grade global traffic management, the Coyote Point Equalizer appliances can meet the needs of almost any web-based application. The Equalizer line-up of hardware-based solutions meets or outperforms competitive products costing up to 3 times as much. You pay for what you need and don’t have to buy option after option to get a solution that fits your business requirements

Features and Benefits
1. Intelligent traffic management for optimized application delivery and availability.
2. Server offloading for improved application acceleration, scale and TCO.
3. SSL offload for accelerating application performance.
4. Comprehensive server load balancing for 99.999% application uptime.
5. Global Server Load Balancing for geographic resilience.
6. Smart Control Automation for virtual and physical resource control.
7. Optimize WAN connectivity and ensure business continuity with Link Load Balancing.
8. Accelerate content delivery with on the fly compression.
9. Browser-based Web user interfaces for ease of management.

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